Harrastusten Vantaa: Afternoon visual arts clubs for school children

Under the Finnish model for leisure activities, we provide 7–15-year-old school children living in Vantaa with afternoon visual arts clubs.

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The Harrastusten Vantaa project offers comprehensive school pupils high-quality, enjoyable and free recreational opportunities near their own schools and homes, according to their wishes. The operations are covered by the Finnish model for leisure activities.
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We offer afternoon visual arts clubs to local 7–15-year-old comprehensive school pupils throughout the city.
The clubs meet about 28 per year of activities.
The autumn term begins on 19 September and ends on 16 December 2022.
The spring term begins on 9 January and ends on 5 May 2023.
You can register at Vantaa Art School's Eepos service

We organise workshops as follows:
Tikkurila, Orvokki Cultural Centre, Orvokkitie 15, 01300 Vantaa.
ages 7–8
ages 9–10
Emphasis: The visual arts club involves delving into the world of visual arts by examining, discussing, trying out and, most of all, doing.
Participants familiarise themselves with a range of drawing tools, such as various pencils, graphite pencils, coal and white chalk, felt-tip pens, wooden coloured pencils, aquarelle crayons and pencils, and oil pastels.
In terms of painting techniques, we try watercolours, gouache paints and semi-opaque gouache paints.
We also create ceramics, i.e. mould clay, engage in printmaking and build something three dimensional.
The club will teach you how to express what you see, experience and think about in two and three dimensions, and to progress from planning a work to completing and finishing it. 

Kivistö, Aurinkokivi School, Aurinkokivenkuja 1, 01700 Vantaa
ages 13–15
Emphasis: What am I good at, what are my strengths? What do I dream about and enjoy?
Come join us on a creative expedition into the various methods of visual arts! We derive the motifs and starting points for our artistic efforts from our own lives and interests, which we explore experimenting with and combining a variety of techniques.
At start of our work, we can engage in short resource-based discussion, with the main emphasis on visual creation. The course does not involve assessing or interpreting images: everyone can freely tell what they want about their works – through images, we learn about ourselves.
The aim is to strengthen the methods of visual arts in self-expression and learn to know ourselves better.
To take part in the course, you do not need to gifted at drawing or painting. It is enough to be interested in visual expression and creative activity around the subjects at hand!
Topics for the school year:
Me, my strenghts, my dreams, etc.
Topics to delve into, things I love and am excited about
My immediate environment, places, hideaways
My history, a map of my life
Future prospects, directions
Fears, dark places, flip sides
Redefining myself, glasses half full
Insights, discoveries, life philosophies
Intuitiveness, secrets.
We explore these topics by means of drawing, painting, writing, symbols, colours, printing, scratching, taking photos, animating, installing, making models or shadow theatre.


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