Short courses

Welcome to our popular and fun short courses. We provide courses to families and young people in the autumn and spring. Summer courses are also available for children and young people.
Residents of other municipalities can also take part in our short courses.

Lentäviä hyönteisiä kollaasi.

Picture: Vantaa Art School. Work of art: Anna Kytäjä, 11 years old.

Available courses

We offer short courses at various locations throughout Vantaa. The language of instruction is Finnish.

On our family courses, children and parents, or other adults who are close with the children, complete various visual arts exercises together. The joint activity helps to develop the children’s creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Courses for adolescents only are available at weekends in the autumn and spring.

Our summer courses provide children and young people with the opportunity to enjoy their summer holiday with fun and educational visual arts exercises.

The courses are taught by art school teachers or other professionals in visual arts. Course participants have access to good facilities and high-quality materials and equipment.

The course fees include the material costs.
Registrations are binding. If participation is cancelled later than five weekdays before the beginning of the course, we will charge 50% of the fee. If participation is not cancelled, we will also charge 50% of the course fee.

You can register for the course through the Eepos service.

“The course is a good way to learn about the art school’s operations; my daughter (8 years old) enjoyed it quite a bit.”

“A good and well-instructed course; the children were considered well.”

“The course should be organised more than once a year, it’s so fun.”

“More of this, please.”

“The short courses are amazing! It's a pleasure to work on clay with my child.”

“The enjoyable and unhurried atmosphere kept the children engaged till the end. Great teacher!”

Customer feedback on the ceramics, batik dyeing, felting, clay modelling and Christmas card courses.

If your child is properly interested in creating art and would like to engage in regular activities, learn more about our study pathprices and application procedures. Students should also familiarise themselves with other useful information.