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Learn about our application instructions. Additional instructions are also provided in the Eepos service application form. We have five operating locations throughout Vantaa.

Hymyilevä tyttö näyttää työtään kameralle.

Picture: Vantaa Art School

General application period

The general application period for the school year beginning in August is 1–30 April. The language of instruction is Finnish.
Students can continue their studies until the age of 21.
Students can apply via an electronic form through the Eepos service.

Availability in each location and group is shown in the application form.
You can apply for admission in multiple groups with a single form. In the case of full groups, you can apply for placement on the waiting list.
Please note that the automatic message you receive after submitting an application is not a confirmation of acceptance.

We admit applicants into the groups in order of registration based on the year of birth.
Applicants who register for groups intended for older ages will be rejected.
Applicants may seek admission into a younger age group, in which case the reasoning for this request must be included in the application’s additional information.

Students must register for the entire school year. After the autumn term, the studies continue automatically in the spring term, unless the parent/guardian or student aged 18 or over submits a notice of discontinuation on Eepos using the change notification form. A more detailed yearly schedule is available on the page Information for students.

We will send a written notification to all applicants in June, at the latest. 
In June, we will also send credentials to our Eepos service and the final curriculum to our new accepted students.

Establishing groups and order of priority

We establish groups only if there are sufficient applicants.
Existing students and those returning after a gap year take priority.

Introductory visits for new students

New students can attend lessons a maximum of two times for introductory purposes at no charge. After the introductory lessons, before the third lesson, students who do not wish to continue must submit a notice of discontinuation using the change notification form available on the Eepos service.

Progress of studies from one level to another

Admitted students can continue their studies from one school year to the next until the age of 12 without separate registration. If a student wants to end the studies or take a gap year, the family must fill in a separate change notification form on the Eepos service.
Students must choose their first workshop upon turning 13 years of age. Workshop participants must fill in a continued registration form each spring.

Invoicing of tuition fees

We change tuition fees during autumn and spring terms. The fees vary between study modules – see all prices are listed here.

Vantaa Art School timetable 2022-2023(pdf, 214.61 KB)

“My child asked to start going to Vantaa Art School at 7 years of age and wants to keep attending for as long as possible.
Not once has she expressed any desire to stop or take a gap year. Instead, she has mentioned that she will not stop attending until she has to at a certain age.
I believe that, in her case, the art school may even impact her choice of profession later on.
In other words, she really enjoys the school and it is an extremely important hobby for her.”

Vantaa Art School’s survey for parents: How do find your child has enjoyed Vantaa Art School?


Now that you are more familiar with our application practices, you must also be interested in the pricing of the studies. See the price list and information on various payment reductions. If you are still interested in the studies, go ahead and submit an application!

While you wait for the studies to begin, you can take a peek at our image gallery for some inspiration. You can also read more useful information intended for students.

There is no need to fret if your child or adolescent is not yet interested in regular art lessons. The thirst for creating art can also be quenched through our short courses.